King Salmon fishing in Alaska

Arriving in June, the mighty King Salmon are found in several of our area rivers.

These 30 to 55 pound lunkers will really put a bend in your toughest rod. You won’t find better fly fishing waters for bright, fresh out of the saltwater Chinook. We fish a number of different rivers for King Salmon and enjoy a full eight weeks of great King Salmon fishing. Our area gets very little fishing pressure; therefore, Wildman has never experienced unexpected closures or restrictions like other regions of Alaska.

sport fishing in Alaska
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Sport fishing in Alaska for Sockeye Salmon

The largest Sockeye salmon run in the North Pacific arrives in early June.

Hundreds of thousands of sockeye salmon return to our home and neighboring rivers each summer, making the Alaska Peninsula rivers some of the best sockeye fishing in all of Alaska. As the salmon choke these rivers, the rainbow trout and Arctic char literally gorge themselves on salmon eggs and nearly double their weight by late fall. Sockeye is our favorite table fish but also makes excellent Sushi as it is prized for its beautiful red flesh!

sport fishing in Alaska
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Species & Seasons

Silver Salmon

The absolute best Silver Salmon fishing in Alaska is found on the Alaska Peninsula

Silvers begin to arrive in early August, peak in September and continue into the month of October. Silver Salmon, ranging from 12 to 22 pounds, can be taken on flies, spinners or spoons at Wildman Lake Lodge. Our guides specialize in fishing these scrappy Coho with Top Water Poppers and Wogs with conventional or Spey rods.

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Chum and Pink Salmon

Sport fishing in Alaska for bright Pinks, can be the most exciting during July and August, adding plenty of variety to your fishing trip!

sport fishing in Alaska
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Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Rainbow
and Steelhead Salmon

Beginning in the early spring, wild native Rainbow Trout, bright and shiny Steelhead, Arctic Char and Dolly Varden are readily taken on both flies and lures.

Wildman Lake Lodge is located near the artesian headwaters of one of the finest sport fishing rivers in all of Alaska. This river flows crystal clear and maintains the same water level year-round, no matter the weather. Every day is a fishing day at Wildman Lake Lodge!

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