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Alaska Wildlife Viewing Tours: Walrus – Brown Bear viewing – Wolves – Caribou – Glaciers – Volcanos – and more…

Alaska wildlife viewing tours at Wildman Lodge include an incredible scenic flight from Anchorage.  You will travel southwest by comfortable twin engine aircraft through Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks, along the volcano-studded Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, viewing wildlife and exploring the wonders of the remote Alaska Peninsula. Photograph glaciers, volcanoes and miles of untouched wilderness along the way, then down the Bering Sea coastline, all before reaching Wildman Lake Lodge. Here in Alaska;s true wilderness Brown Bear, Pacific Walrus and Wolves are our closest neighbors, while moose, caribou, fox and many more wild species flourish all around us and the bird species are too numerous to count. Guided Photo Safaris to view and photograph Alaska’s most wild creatures in their natural habitat. Like no where else on the planet, the Alaska Peninsula is truly, in the Wild! Join the experienced Alaska Bush Pilots and Wilderness Guides at Wildman Lake Lodge for a wildlife viewing experience that you will never forget, and return to the warmth and comfort of our deluxe wilderness lodge each evening. Nowhere else in Alaska will you find real unhabituated wild animals roaming as they did a century ago. This is not a canned tourist attraction, this is an EXCLUSIVE Alaska Wildlife Tour and Photo Safari, guided by real Alaskans on the remote Alaska Peninsula. If you want to see more bears than people, don’t go to a National Park! Visit Wildman Lake Lodge, where the bears never see people, and neither will you.

If you want to see more bears than people,
don’t go to a National Park!

Visit Wildman Lake Lodge, where the bears never see people, and neither will you.

Alaska wildlife viewing tours

The Alaska Peninsula stretches from the mainland to the Aleutian Islands and is renown for its abundant wildlife populations. During our Alaska wildlife viewing tours sightings include Alaska Brown Bear, Barren Ground Caribou, Arctic Wolves, the ever-curious Red Fox, Bald Eagles and a variety of other raptors. During your week at Wildman Lake Lodge you will surely spot Moose, playful River Otters, Seals, Walrus, Tundra Swan, and countless ducks and geese including the rare Emperor Goose.

Pacific Walrus (Odobenus romarus divergens) are the largest of the of the Pinnipeds “fin footed” family of marine mammals. In Alaska, the Pacific walrus’ range includes the Chukchi and Bering Seas. Wildman Lake Lodge is located where the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay come together. Each summer several thousand adult male or Bull Walrus arrive in our area. After spending the entire summer with us, these huge (2,000 to 4,000 pound) bull walrus migrate northward in October to join the rest of the walrus herd in the St. Lawrence Island region for the winter months and breeding season which occurs in January and February.

Only 10 miles from Wildman Lodge is one of the Bering Sea’s most frequented Pacific Walrus haul-outs. This unique resting place for Bull Walrus is eight minutes by air from our lodge. Experienced bush pilots will land you right on the black sand beach, walking distance to a rocky lookout just above the walrus. Here we generally see from 300 to 3,000 Pacific Walrus on any given day. This is as close and personal to wild walrus as it gets, and a once in a lifetime experience. Our guide-naturalist will explain the unique life cycle of the Pacific Walrus and as we will stay as long as you like, before returning to the comfort of our deluxe wilderness lodge.

Alaska Brown Bear

On the Alaska Peninsula the Brown Bear is king! The Alaska Peninsula has one of the highest population density of Alaska Brown Bear in the world. There are hundreds of bear in our area and casual sightings of brown bear along our fishing streams are every day occurrences.   The brown bear population in our area is well-nourished by the millions of Pacific salmon that return each year to the Alaska Peninsula rivers. Quite often we sight brown bear right from the lodge.  Nearly every day you can photograph them feeding on Ocean River near the lodge.  Brown bear are relentless beachcombers and can often be seen along the black sand beaches of the Bering and Pacific coasts, as well as fishing for salmon along our numerous pristine rivers.  We take every opportunity show our guests the brown bears as Wildman Lake Lodge is one of the best places to view real wild Alaska brown bear, totally undisturbed, in their most natural habitat.

Incredible Photo Opportunities…

At Wildman Lake Lodge, you never know when a photo opportunity will present itself. The sheer abundance of wildlife is absolutely astounding. From the smallest ground squirrel to enormous Alaska brown bear, colorful spawning salmon to breaching Pacific whales, huge Alaska moose, barren ground caribou, Arctic wolves, red fox and more.  Explore the black sand beaches of the Aleutian  coastline and search for artifacts, antique glass fishing floats, fossils and whale bones.  Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will want to have your camera ready.

Alaska’s #1 True Wilderness Wildlife Adventure


2022 Wildlife and Walrus Tour Schedule


Sunday, July 10 – Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Thursday, July 14 – Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday, July 17 – Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Thursday, July 21 – Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sunday, July 24 – Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Thursday. July 28 – Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sunday, July 31 – Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Thursday, August 4 – Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday, August 7 – Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Thursday, August 11 – Sunday, August 14, 2022

Advanced Reservation Required – Limited Openings
Leaves Anchorage at 7:30 am, returns to Anchorage by 3:00 pm

Inclusive Package:
$5,250.00 from Anchorage

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Package Includes: Incredible scenic round trip flight from Anchorage, Daily Guided Excursions for: Walrus, Wildlife, Brown Bears, Raptors, Sea Birds, Waterfowl and more. . .

Our all-inclusive package price is based upon two persons per party; with double occupancy in cozy heated rooms. Choose either twin beds or King beds for couples. All of our cabins have sparkling clean bathrooms and hot showers!

Our 4 day / 3 night Tour Departs: Anchorage’s Merrill Field Airport

Check in for your scenic flight to Wildman Lodge at 7:15 AM

Mid July through Mid August, flights depart each Sunday and Wednesday from Anchorage’s Merrill Field Airport.

We LIMIT our group size in order to minimize to human impact on the unique wildlife and wild pristine wilderness areas that you will visit!

Alaska Wildlife Viewing Tours Itinerary:

Your adventure begins in Anchorage, Alaska with a scenic flight across Cook Inlet, named for global explorer Captain James Cook. This flight will through both Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks with their towering peaks and glacier shrouded volcanoes, then along the Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge to your final destination, Wildman Lodge.

Breath-taking vistas are yours, as we traverse our planet’s wildest wilderness region during the next two hours. Endless hidden valleys, enormous mountains, cascading and meandering glaciers and rivers, all untouched by the hand of man.

Have your camera ready for Dall Sheep, brown bear, moose and caribou. Scenery will include hundreds of scores of sprawling glaciers, several steaming volcanoes, hundreds of snow-capped mountain peaks and miles of black sand beaches the occasional group of seals or walrus. Wildman is one of Alaska’s most remote wilderness lodges, situated at the base of 8,000 foot glacier- shrouded Mt. Veniaminof, the largest active volcano on the remote Alaska Peninsula, accessible only by air. Wildman Lodge is the only facility in the area and sets among three crystal-clear artesian rivers, where during late July and early August, tens of thousands of spawning salmon attract scores of wild Alaska Brown Bear providing incredible photographic opportunities.

You will touch down on Wildman’s private runway where you will meet our entire crew, who will help you with your luggage, check you into you comfortable cabin and invite you to join them for a scrumptious lunch in the main lodge. After lunch and a short orientation, it will be off to explore the wonders of Ocean River, its pure artesian source and the site of a prehistoric Alutiq village. Be ready for anything, as more often than not you will spot brown bears right from the lodge and encounter them fishing along the river on this first afternoon excursion.

The next two days after a hearty breakfast, we have big plans. About 1/2 the folks will fly out with our experienced lodge pilots and guides, landing right on the black sand Bering Sea beaches of the Bering Sea to spend the day viewing huge Pacific Walrus, up close and personal. We will whisk the others down river by jet boat for an exciting day of Bear Viewing and “jet boat” birding. This all day outing will including beach combing along the Bering Sea coastline and a hearty salmon bake lunch, grilled over a driftwood campfire, while enjoying wildflowers, birds and wildlife on Bering Sea coastline. Everyone will get the opportunity to do each excursion.

Last Day:

The fourth day of our tour includes a Tundra Trudge. An opportunity to walk off your hearty breakfast, while taking a last look at the river full of spawning red salmon, enjoy your last taste of vine ripe wild berries, hopefully one more look at a few local bears. Enjoy you last morning stroll among the fragrant wildflowers and soak in Wildman’s true wilderness before your scenic flight back to reality.