Dry fly fishing in Alaska for any of our native fish begins with a morning departure from Anchorage’s municipal airport, Merrill Field, and an incredibly scenic twin engine flight through both Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks, along the Bering coast and Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge before arriving at Wildman Lake Lodge. Landing on our own private runway, the comfortable twin engine aircraft will deliver you right to your cabin door, no transfers! You will arrive just in time for a delicious lunch and your first afternoon of guided fishing on our home river.

Our river front lodge is located near Wildman Lake at the headwaters of Alaska’s only true artesian Dry fly fishing river, where we enjoy crystal-clear water every day, regardless of the weather. At Wildman Lake Lodge, high or muddy water and crowded fishing conditions simply do not exist because we are the only lodge on this gin-clear spring-fed river and one of very few lodges on the entire Alaska Peninsula. In fact, it would be highly unusual to see anyone on our vast river system, all week, that you didn’t see at the breakfast table!

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Fly Fishing in Alaska: Enjoying Lodge Life

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At the conclusion of each fully guided fishing day, Wildman’s “Muktuk Hour” begins at 6:00 pm in the Trapper’s Den, complete with hors d’oeurves, then followed by a delicious dinner prepared by the lodge Chef and professional kitchen staff. After your meal there are a number of evening activities, from fly tying to entertainment in the Trapper’s Den, or just quiet conversation or a card game around the pub tables. You may wish to check your email on the lodge WiFi or make a few more casts before retiring to your comfortable cabin with a movie or your favorite book, and finally dreaming about dry fly fishing in Alaska for silver salmon.


Each morning at Wildman begins with a knock at your cabin door, alerting you that a carafe of hot coffee has been delivered and that breakfast will be ready shortly in the dining room. We generate 24 hour electric power and produce plenty of hot water for a morning shower anytime. About halfway through breakfast, the lodge’s chief pilot and head guide will share the weather forecast and announce the Fly fishing activities for the day.


Because our home river is teaming with salmon, trout and char all season long, it is not necessary to fly away from the Wildman Lake Lodge to enjoy world-class sport fishing. We gave miles of pristine river, accessible jet boat from our lodge as well as great fishing right out the back door. However, to add as much variety to our fishing week as possible, our experienced bush pilots and guides take approximately half of the lodge guests each day on a fly out excursion to fish one of several neighboring rivers. This leaves the entire home river system to the remaining guests and their guides. The following day we switch and so everyone gets to enjoyed their scheduled fly out fishing days as well as several days fishing the local river via jet boat.

Whether you are fishing via jet boat or on a fly out fishing adventure, about midway through the fishing day, your guides will prepare a hot and hearty shore lunch on the river. We serve a variety of great lunches during the week, ranging from soup and sandwiches to the fresh catch of the day with pasta or salad and fresh baked cookies.


On your departure day, you will have ample time to pack your gear and enjoy a hearty breakfast before your plane arrives from Anchorage. Guests have the option to take home a taste of Alaska in the form of an airline approved seafood box with some of the week’s catch to share with friends and family.

Our return flight generally arrives in Anchorage just before 3:00 pm; however, we caution you not to make too tight of a connection for your flight home. It is wise to allow a couple hours before boarding your flight from Ted Stevens International.

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